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3 Easy Ways to Enhance Your Visual Brand So You Feel More Confident and Professional

Updated: Nov 25, 2022

Updated: October 26, 2022

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One challenge a lot of my clients have when they come to work with me is presenting their visual brand. Which, in other words, is knowing how to make their business look professional, knowledgeable, and come across like they have their shit together!

Having a professional and cohesive visual brand will build your confidence and trust within your niche. Here are my top three tips that will enhance your visual brand so you can be proud of how your business looks - and you'll gain more followers, customers, and subscribers as a result!

1. Create a Cohesive Brand (Identity & Strategy) Before Anything Else

When we think of small businesses, one of the very first images we see that builds our relationship with a brand, is the logo. Many people think having a logo created is one of the first items to cross off on our to-do list. Here's the thing - there are many steps that should come before the logo is created! A logo is a part of the entire brand; so working with someone to create an intentional, cohesive brand should be top priority.

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A brand will need to have an identity and a strategy - not just fonts, colors, and a logo. By starting your business foundation with an intentional brand over just a logo sets up your business goals and growth for success. Having a professional brand is going to attract the right people to your business and help you clarify the messaging of how to show up with ease and confidence.

Ok, let's return to the common trap of starting with a logo...

I have to say it... Unfortunately, we can't just slap our logos on something and call that effective branding. Sorry, friend! Your logo doesn't communicate what your business does or what you offer in detail; it's just a quick visual for someone to associate your business with.

So before you put your logo on literally everything, make sure you can answer yes to these things first:

  1. Is this graphic a promotional piece that needs to be identified with my business.

  2. Is this graphic a custom design that was made by my designer or me and fits my brand identity & strategy? (Not pulled from another source or pre-designed template in Canva.)

  3. Is this graphic not under an already branded social account?

Another pro tip: Check where your logo is being seen and make sure it's legible! A great example of this is your profile image on your social accounts. The logo should fit inside the area and not be cut off or be too tiny. If your logo has an icon, it's recommended to just use the icon in this space.

2. Use the Correct Image Size Format For Each Platform

There are clearly numerous platforms in which we should show up with our business. Each platform has its own size requirements for images (profile photos, cover photos, etc.) It can be really confusing and easy to make mistakes! But by simply re-sizing or having the right image size formats for each platform is going to instantly make your business look more professional. Here is a little cheat sheet if you need reference:

Download for easy access! ⬇️

3. Be Consistent With Your Visuals & Messaging

Consistency is the easiest way to build trust with your audience. Wherever your business has a presence, there should be consistency with:

  1. Logo Marks

  2. Colors

  3. Typography

  4. Photography Style

  5. Messaging

Your visuals are going to be the top way you can accomplish this, even before worrying about having to show up in posting everyday. ;)

This is why having a brand guide is KEY to a successful business!

Here is an example of brand guide elements I created for actress Emma Waters. By having a visual guide for fonts, colors, styles, values, etc., it keeps Emma's entire brand consistent!

The Best News: You Don't Have to Re-Invent the Wheel

Going over all of the requirements for having a cohesive brand can feel a bit daunting. Thankfully, there are millions of businesses that have gone through this process and can be guideposts for you. You can watch a lot of tutorials on YouTube or download guides to create your brand.

I'll admit, one of the best steps you can take is investing in a professional to walk side-by-side with you. Running a business truly is a journey of a lifetime, and it's way better to invest in professional help, than trying to sort it all out on your own and increasing your chances of mistakes. By having a guide, building a business becomes an easy and rewarding process that will bring you results fast.

This is the perfect time to let you know that I'm a professional designer and I would love to be your guide! How convenient! 😉 I am always available to work with you 1:1 on your entire brand so you feel more confident!

Cheers to you and your beautiful business! Thank you for being here, Shining Star!! 🌟

Original post date: May 2, 2020

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