3 Easy Tips on Enhancing Your Visual Brand

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

One challenge a lot of my clients have when they come to work with me is presenting their visual brand. Which in other words, is knowing how to make their business look good, knowledgeable and come across like they have their shit together!

Here are three tips that you can follow to enhance your visual brand and be proud of how your business looks out and about on the digital screen.

1. Correct use of your logo

Okay... I have to say it... You can't just slap your logo on something and call that effective branding... (Sorry friend) But your logo doesn't communicate what your business does or what you offer, it's just a quick visual for someone to associate your business with. So before you put your logo on literally everything make sure you can answer yes to these things first:

  • This is a promotional piece that needs to be identified with my business.

  • This is a custom design that was made by my designer or me and fits my branding. (Not pulled from another source or pre-designed template)

  • This is not under an already branded social account.

You can't just slap your logo on something and call that effective branding.

Check where your logo is being seen and make sure it's legible! A great example of this is your profile image on your social accounts. The logo should fit inside the area and not be cut off or be too tiny. If your logo has an icon, it's recommended to just use the icon in this space.

2. Enhance your images

The images you are using for your brand should be consistent with how you want to come across with your business. Is the style bright and clean? Or is it warm and moody by using darker images? Think about which one matches true to your brand and stick with it.

We are suckers for good quality, so double check that your images aren't blurry. If you want to enhance your images try downloading a FREE app and mess around with the settings. Instagram already has this step before you post, so take advantage of it.

Consider doing a branded photo shoot. Rather you are selling a service or product, it's important to have images that can be used across multiple platforms that look sharp, beautifully set up and are on brand.

3. Color theory 101

Colors are so important when it comes to your overall brand feel. There is psychology that goes into chosen colors for a brand because they make us feel certain ways. (Super cool! Huh?) You want to make sure you aren't using every color under the rainbow because that can send mixed signals for your audience. Having too many colors can come across as being messy and hard to look at, especially on a website. There are also certain colors that when used together, they can make people uncomfortable, so you want to avoid that. (Unless it is on-brand to do so)

⬇ Check out this illusion with colors ⬇

A bit too much to look at for a long time, right? If you need help with an ideal color palette for your brand, let's connect and we can sort through the Eclectic Color Library together!


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