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Custom Branding & Website

Emma Waters

Emma Waters is an East Coast based actor who loves collaboration. She enjoys working with all kinds of artists and adapting to new creative environments. She needed a brand and website that helped her stand out in her industry and have a space where fans and prospects could find her work, about her and grab her portfolio.


Openness | Spontaneity | Gratitude

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Brand Brief & Vibes

Authentic ✨ Honest ✨ Sweet but Spicy

Emma is reminding people that it is ok to be human, that we all have valuable and intricate experiences, that we are not bound by our social constructs, that we can change and grow and transform and sometimes fall. The human experience is messy, not well put together, confusing, and lovely at the same time. It is a beautiful thing, this thing we call life, and sometimes it is the most heartbreaking thing that will ever happen to us. Life is messy and unpredictable. 


The goal of the design was to feel charming, wholesome and clever. She needed a brand that reflected with who she is as a person and welcome in fans and potential prospects to work with. This brand carries elements of growth and beauty that reflect Emma's story and how she views herself and future.

Her website needed to showcase her talent, provide specific portfolio materials and keep potential fans exploring more about her work and who she is.

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Before working with you, I felt lost within my brand (mainly due to not even having a brand!) I was struggling with website design, integrated brand marketing, and cohesive messaging to my audience. I used to dread sharing my website with anyone because I knew it was unprofessional and amateur.

I highly recommend using Kailee for any type of service she offers. Kailee has incredible intuition when it comes to branding and design. She offers insights on market strategy, audience retention, and how to show up authentically within your brand. She is readily available and extremely professional when it comes to work, but knows how to have fun with her clients to make the experience unique and exciting for everyone involved. Kailee was born to do this job.

Emma Waters | Actor
Full Actor Brand
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