Custom Branding

The Tea, Please

Building a community in the lifestyle, self care and wellness industry, The Tea, Please needed a brand that was sassy, friendly and cheeky.

Presenting a better version of gossip to level up individually and collectively.

Brand Values

Honesty | Open Mindedness | Compassion

Coffee on Desk
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The Tea Please Typography
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Coffee on Desk

Brand Brief & Vibes

Sassy ✨ Friendly ✨ Cheeky

Focusing on creating a brand that stands out to pull in potential collaborators for the podcast. Reaching people within the wellness, health, beauty and lifestyle industries.

Offering features on her website, blog, social media and podcast, The Tea, Please needed to have a multi use brand style.

Creating a messaging to reflect her personality (both the soft and bold), convey trust between her audience, collaborators and creating a community base that shares similar values on personal growth.


The goal of the design was to be a fun and cheeky brand that pops, can evolve with the business and is easily recognizable so that it can be used across multiple platforms with ease.

I kept thinking I could create something on my own in Canva and it would be "fine." That's the thing, it would have been fine, but I wanted something impressive, custom, and professional. I felt inspired after we finished! It was something I was so excited to share, it felt like me and it felt like something to be taken seriously.

Sara G | The Tea, Please

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