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Custom Branding

Housewife Swag

Building a community where those can feel safe to be themselves, explore new interests and experience multiple outlets of content.


Welcoming | Compassion | Encouragement 

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Brand Brief & Vibes

Spiritual ✨ Signature ✨ Sensual

House Wife Swag has various content outlets and needed a strong cohesive brand identity that felt inclusive to all her audience as well as stayed true to a new direction she felt aligned with her. The design reflects the overall values/personality and draws attention to shine in the adult entertainment industry.


Designed to feel empowering and attract new people into her community that she's been creating over the years. Her brand is heavily inspired to by her one of a kind, positive and spiritually curious platform this brand carries a magical and spiritual essence built by a hand drawn logo mark and signature typography styles. 

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Kailee was warm and professional, all of the anxiety I had about contacting someone completely dissipated when we had our first call. I appreciate how clearly the presentation was laid out and how she was always in constant communication.

House Wife Swag

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