Brand and website design

Helping you shine in your industry by focusing on your unique qualities & elevating your confidence.


Together we work on your foundation,  then design something you love.


Developing action steps that will ensure you are reaching your goals, both personally and from a business perspective.


We work on your story, values and focus on who your ideal audience is.

Brand Coaching

Having a successful brand goes beyond just having visuals. It's about how you apply them, show up for your brand and continue to develop it. 

We set you up for success as you continue to grow and reach new goals.

Visual Design

This is where I work my magic and based off of your unique qualities I design a brand that you absolutely love!

This includes multiple logo marks, icons, patterns, textures, imagery and essential brand marketing materials.


It's time to keep the momentum going. Building a foundation is about feeling confident, having a plan and learning how to show up with your brand wholeheartedly.

Kailee was warm and professional, all of the anxiety I had about contacting someone completely dissipated when we had our first call. I appreciate how clearly the presentation was laid out and how she was always in constant communication.

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Ready to shine? 

I'm just as eager to work together as you are! But I also believe that our time is valuable, to ensure that we would be a good fit and you'll get the absolute best results from working together, I encourage filling out my Client Application Form. 

I only take on a certain amount of clients at a time so I encourage filling this out as soon as you can, that way we can get you a spot on my design calendar! 

If you have any questions before, during or after submitting the form, please contact me via email.

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whole universe is yours.

Shine like the

I have to admit, for awhile

I didnt feel like myself...

I received my Bachelors in Graphic & Web Design. Then I wandered into the corporate world immediately where I worked in commercial real estate, transportation and city based government positions. Each reflected my degree which was fantastic, but there was still this part of me that knew I didn't belong in the corporate world.

Eclectic Designs .CO was created from five years of offering freelance work and taking on as many opportunities that presented themselves. But it took time to feel like my brand really represented who I was, what I wanted to do and attract those I dreamed of working with the most.

My mission reflects what took me years to develop; to create a brand you absolutely love, encourage you to shine through your unique qualities and provide continuous support beyond just our work together.

Creating with heart in mind

My values on creating change are important to me and I've been working to build a community of unique individuals who want to make a bigger impact in the world by encouraging, supporting and accepting others on their passions. 

This is a judgement free community one that strongly supports all individuals and will not stand for hate speech, racism, discouragement or judgement of ANY kind.

Come as you are, wholeheartedly.