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Custom Branding & Website

Recenter Therapeutic Massage

Recenter is passionate about helping adults achieve relief from tension, stress and anxiety through individualized massage therapy sessions and group Yomassage classes. With a clinical background of athletic training, an intuitive connection to the human body and the energetics behind healing, Courtney is helping release stress and pain that you may not realize you’ve been holding onto.


Trust | Professional | Genuine

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Brand Brief & Vibes

Strong ✨ Organic ✨ Balanced

This brand represents an extension of Courtney's soul and passion. Created to resonate with her knowing purpose of physical and emotional healing for an overall centered lifestyle. Focusing on both the feminine and masculine qualities of the human body, mind and soul.


The goal of the design was to feel welcome, bright and organic. She needed a brand that aligned with who she is as a person and still connect with her ideal clients. This brand carries strong attributes and has significant design elements that reflect earth elements and where she is located in Denver, CO.

Her website needed to welcome in any new clients looking for pain relief, while still being easy to book any service for returning clients. The website guides any visitor through how Recenter was created, more about Courtney and the benefits of what she specializes in.

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Before working with Kailee, I was starting to feel very alone in my vision for my business. I had already worked with 2 designers, spent a lot of time and money, and my heart never felt truly heard or seen with either of them. They gave me logos I did not resonate with, and they didn't emphasize the importance of a brand. I wasn't able to advertise or market my brand with confidence.

I felt on top of the WORLD during and after our project was completed. I felt seen, heard, and understood. Kailee took the time to get to know my heart and its wishes to create a brand that was authentic to me, since my business is me! People tell me ALL. THE. TIME. how accessible, gorgeous, and sleek my website is.  They love my consistency in how I put myself and my business out there into the world. I have never felt more confident as a business owner and a healing practitioner. Kailee has guided me to dream big, follow my bliss, and stay connected with my best self. I have developed new ideas for offerings so I can serve my current and future clients in the most meaningful, impactful ways.

Courtney G | Recenter Therapeutic Massage

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