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You Needed a Brand, But Now What?

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

I just as much as the brand specialist next to me will preach the need for you to have a strong brand for your business. But as I continue my journey of growing as a small business myself, I know what it feels like to have a brand but sometimes not know what exactly to do with it...

Let's cover things that might arise when you constantly see that you NEED a brand:

1. What is a brand?

A brand is a visual identification for your business which is best represented with your logos (yes more than one), colors, fonts, icons, illustrations, patterns, imagery, style, voice, copy, mission, tagline, etc.

WOW. That's a lot, so let's take a breath.

Your brand is simply all the unique qualities that help your business stand out and share what you're all about!

2. I think I might just DIY my logo?

Usually if your sentence or thought includes, "I think" or "I might", these both carry uncertainty and you want your business to truly shine with a brand you feel confident about. So while yes, you could make your own logo, you'll save yourself a lot of stress if you reach out to a brand designer and see what they can do for you before you end up like this:

3. How do I afford my dream designer?

I completely understand what it's like to be tight on money, you can read more about that on my blog post: Money Tips for New Entrepreneurs

Hiring a specialist for your business in order to reach certain goals is considered an investment, which means that the service being utilized will exceed it's cost in your sales at a particular time. So instead of looking at your brand as an expense, consider how it will benefit your business and budget for that.

There are also thousands of incredible designers at your fingertips via technology, so take some time to look around to find someone that can work with your budget.

4. If I don't have a brand should I even start my business?

Absolutely you should! Every business starts somewhere and many that do have amazing brands, may have started initially without one. It's all about where you are at and where you want to go.

If you need advice or are struggling with not knowing where to start take some time to read more on this little gem I wrote: What you need to know when starting your business

OR contact me! I love to chat about these things. I reply regularly on Instagram or you can set up a Discovery Call with me.

Now lets cover if you already have a brand but are feeling a bit lost on what to do with it now:

Depending on who you worked with to develop your brand, everyone has a different process, but I have learned that designing a stunning brand with my clients doesn't do much if they don't know how to embrace, apply and show up with it wholeheartedly.

Here is how I work with my clients now to ensure they feel confident with their brand:

Brand Style Guide

This is the best thing for a business to have as it goes through their entire brand strategy, visual elements and how to use their brand for digital and print needs!

Brand Coaching

Spending time together talking about why their passion and how they can share it with the world through their brand is really empowering and every session is signature to their specific needs.

Social Media Course

This tends to be the biggest struggle when it comes to starting your business because social media seems extremely large when you first start out. I have a course that goes over how to build your own posts, plan content and apply your brand.

Self Development

Running a business and trying to find balance in your life isn't always easy, I take my clients through the ins and outs of managing both and building on their overall resilience, confidence and self care.

Is this something you see yourself needing? Let's work together!


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