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The Two Pillars That Make Up Branding

If you're currently running your own small business or have just started your journey into entrepreneurship, understanding branding's role in your business could increase your overall sales. Branding is broken down into many aspects, but there are two pillars in particular you'll want to educate and understand for yourself.

Does that mean you need to learn everything under the sun and DIY any of this? Absolutely not. That's why experts like myself are here to help you. If you've found yourself here because you know you need help in branding your business, let's connect about it! Start your project by filling out an application or let's be friends on Instagram.

Now - let's look at the two biggest pillars when it comes to branding:

  1. Strategy

  2. Identity

I am going to break down each pillar in the way I teach and work with all my clients. There may be a few things in this blog that are a little different than what you're used to hearing, since it's my personal take on them.

Be sure to listen to my branding podcast episode where I help you understand strategy and identity even further, so you can feel more confident with your brand!

First Pillar of Branding: Strategy

Brand Strategy is essentially all the background and foundation that builds your brand.

Strategy focuses on:

  1. Your why & story

  2. Mission

  3. What you do

  4. Who you are for

  5. An audience/dream client breakdown

  6. Your voice & messaging

  7. Brand & content pillars

  8. Your values

All of these things are extremely important when creating your brand because they're the building blocks of how your business runs. The most popular and successful businesses focus on these things first and foremost as they continue to grow. Often times, they'll even evolve with you as you grow, which is just part of the process.

Second Pillar of Branding: Identity

Your brand identity is all the visuals that create and represent your brand.

Brand identity is made of these elements:

  1. Logo marks (yes more than one)

  2. Colors

  3. Fonts

  4. Textures

  5. Photography Style

  6. Design Elements

  7. Patterns

  8. Social Media Graphics

  9. Marketing Graphics

Our brand identity (my favorite part of branding!) is all about the initial communication someone has with your brand and business. Any type of design you use in your business is that initial 'hello' and it really creates a story between you and your dream clients and audience.

Take a look below - which logo are you more drawn to? Which one is more inviting to you? Just like eating meals, we 'eat' with our eyes first. The visuals of the meal will impact the taste we experience. It's the same with branding - the identity impacts our relationship with a brand.

Where to Begin

When developing your brand strategy and identity for your business, I would highly recommend starting with your strategy because it's what feeds into your identity. Your strategy is the support system to so many other things, such as your marketing, sales, and client experience.

If you're curious about how either of these could be helping you and your business, take some time to listen to this podcast episode which starts a series on diving into these deeper. Click here to listen to this podcast!

Thank you for being here! You can always fill out an application or DM me on Instagram if you want to start building your brand in a confident way!




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