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The Secret of Sales In Your Small Business: Human Connection

Updated: Nov 3, 2022

Todays guest could not have come at the most perfect time. Not just when we met and recorded this episode, but also with me pushing the episode for you today. Because this week I was finally able to invest and hire out someone to help me with sales. Because goodness sakes has it been difficult for me!! So today before you hear from todays guest Laura Khalil, I share about behind the scenes of me growing my business over the past 3 years.

YUP, Eclectic Designs .CO has officially turned 3 as of the January 13th, 2022! 🎉

The top 5 strategic things I did to grow my brand and website design business:

  1. Focused on what I needed to market myself

  2. Invested in education (this could be time OR money investment)

  3. Networked and built my community outside of friends and family

  4. Understood my finances and saved to get more help (You don't have to do this alone.)

  5. Took care of myself mentally and physically

These 5 things are often what I refer back to as I head into new stages in my business because they'll always stay relevant.

Today's guest, Laura Khalil is helping ambitious female entrepreneurs rebalance the scales of financial justice by getting paid what they are worth and becoming booked out. She has combined her experience as an award-winning marketer and business strategist to help clients double their revenue in only 30 minutes a day. She’s also consulted for big brands such as Intel, Twitter and GE. She even has her own podcast that is the Top 125 Apple Podcast, Brave by Design.

I had met Laura through the power and connection of social media and immediately was drawn to her energy and knowledge. 💜 We dive deep into how sales actually works as a small business owner and the reality of how human connection can pivot and change the entire idea of how we make money to sustain our lives in our small business. You'll be surprised about what Laura shares and just how human connection may be the only thing keeping you from helping those your service or product is for.

Thank you SO much for being here and listening to this episodes guest, you can connect with Laura on LinkedIn. If you enjoyed this episode it would mean so much to us if you rated, left a review, shared and connected with us on social media.

You can also reach out at anytime in my DMs on Instagram to chat about the podcast, share your thoughts or even recommend other topics or guests you'd like to hear from.

If you're looking for additional support in how to grow your business and elevate your brand and website, you can come join your community of like minded entrepreneurs inside the Eclectic Universe Membership. A space to be heard and come as you are, wholeheartedly. This month for January 2022 we have been diving into what the heck is branding if it's not just your logo. Our final call on brand development + an additional Instagram training are happening over the next two weeks.

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