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How To Easily Overcome Imposter Syndrome As A Business Owner: The "Imposter Monster"

Updated: Nov 3, 2022

There has been this topic I keep seeing arise more and more. Both in my community, the other communities I’m a a part of and honestly I see a lot outside the business world and in my personal life often and that's imposter syndrome. 🎙️ Listen to the full episode here

(hahahahah. If you don't get this reference... It's a game called imposter.)

Now… Before I dive into this topic I first want to note that I am not a mental health professional or an expert in this topic. But I have had my own experience with imposter syndrome. Especially as a business owner over the last 7 years. And you might be thinking… Well I thought Eclectic Designs .CO was only open full time for 2 years so far? You correct but I also ran my own photography business prior to Eclectic Designs and was taking on freelance clients prior to opening my studio full time. So I have lots of run ins with imposter syndrome.

I’ll talk a lot today about this in relation to business, but if you are not a business owner, this is still a really good episode if you feel like you struggle with imposter syndrome in any parts of your own life.

So what exactly is imposter syndrome anyway?

Well the actual definition if you Google it is:

A loosely defined feeling of doubting your abilities and feeling like a fraud. Finding it difficult to see yourself worthy, accepting or enough within a certain situation or topic. I also learned that It is not actually defined as a psychological diagnosis such as anxiety or depression, but it is a very real feeling and form of self-doubt.

And what does self-doubt often connect to?...

Our self worth and confidence!

Here are ways I have been able to work with imposter syndrome and still accomplish the dreams I have in life or show up with it.

  1. Define as a business owner my why. What has sparked my motivation, passion and the heart centered reason to what I do.

  2. Where is my imposter syndrome coming from? What ways have I felt unworthy that no longer as a part of my reality and who I am as a person? In what ways can I heal from what my imposter syndrome tells me?

  3. Find ways to strengthen and work with your imposter syndrome. This could come in all formats such as: Mantras, spirituality, affirmations, journaling, note taking, tapping, meditation, etc. What ever works for you. The more we reassure our thoughts of doubt with encouragement or love, our actual brain chemistry begins to change.

  4. Be gentle on yourself, our growth and development takes time. As well as remembering that we are still human. Full of emotions, beauty and worthiness.

  5. Create your imposter syndrome as an entity. I have create my own imposter monster. Not only was it a fun and creative way to shine light on imposter syndrome but it has also give me a way to work with it externally from my head. I created a monster that in my eyes is small, super cute and gentle. The opposite of all the feelings imposter syndrome itself brings up in my own life. It's given me a way to say "yes my imposter monster is a part of me, but not who I am." Isn 't he just so cute?!?

Artwork resourced at What ways can you work with your imposter syndrome?


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