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Vision Board Social

Wednesday, Dec. 21st
6:30pm MST

FREE end of the year virtual event over Zoom. Come spend time with other heart centered business owners to flow through a guided creativity meditation, set intentions and envision our dreams for 2023.

Check your email!


What to expect at this
2-hour virtual event:

✨ Introductions

✨ Guided creativity meditation

✨ Introduce yourself!

✨ Starting our intentional vision board

✨ Group sharing on our 2023 goals
✨ Connecting with our eclectic community!

  • Can I cancel my monthly payments?
    Yup! This is a month by month membership with no catch or hidden fees. Join while and when you can. Also read through the terms and agreements when you do sign up. Note that once a payment is submitted it is not elidgible for a refund.
  • If I do a drop in call, can I have access to everything else in the membership?"
    No, the drop in fee is only for the calls elidgible and if you decide you want access to all the other magic you will need to pay for the monthly price point. Note that if you do a drop in and then want the membership content you will have to pay for both.
  • What if I can’t make a call?
    There are three calls a month and the last call of every month will be recorded so that you have access to a replay if you are in the membership. If you pay for a drop in and miss the call, you can gain access to a replay. The other two calls are not recorded for privacy.
  • Can I request refunds?
    There are no refunds for this offer. If you wish to cancel and jump out of the Eclectic Universe Membership, you can do so by going into your Teachable account.
  • Will I receive any design services?
    No, this membership is community and educational based only. If you are looking for design services check out some other Eclectic Services.
  • Will I have unlimited access to the content per month?
    Each month the content will refresh, meaning new resources will replace the month prior. This is for liability reasons. Also read through the terms and agreements when you do sign up.
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