Custom Branding

Seawater Sanctuary

Harmonizing the body, spirit and mind through individualized care. Specializing in lymphatic massage, pediatric massage, holistic coaching, reiki and yoga nidra. 

Brand Values

Holistic Approach | Welcoming | Balance 

Under Water


Seawater Brand Typography.png
Pink crystal.jpg

Brand Brief & Vibes

Calm ✨ Inclusive ✨ Open Minded

This brand is devoted to carving a path that invites all, with a special love in service to BIPOC, LGBTQ+ and youth populations. Bringing intention to their life and working through any mental or physical needs through a holistic approach.

The design of this custom brand is inspired by the flow of the ocean and visually inspired by natural design in shells and water life. Bringing a sense of harmony and calm emotions with a soft color palette and round identifying mark.

This brand needed to tie together all the work Pauline does while keeping in mind her core values that bring focus on being a human.

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