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Resources for passionate entrepreneurs & graphic designers

As I continue to grow my little Eclectic Universe, I promised myself I would be as helpful as I could to anyone here. Over the past 5 years I have learned a lot as a passionate entrepreneur and graphic designer myself, most of which I spent countless hours studying, researching and obtaining information from others in my industry. 

If I could go back and give myself a magic key, behind the door it went to would be endless resources that I have finally stumbled upon in this last year. These resources, tools and services have elevated my business to allow me to keep my studio running full time, be able to show up confidently everyday and streamline my client process.

Explore, utilize and invest in what you can here; then watch as your dreams start to unfold.

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Tools that keep you running smoothly

Being a small business means you are most likely wearing ALL the hats. These digital tools keep me organized, help with time management and give me quick access to design on the go! Each of these have both FREE & Pro Plan which is amazing.

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Welcome to a 5 day brand audit challenge - a series of diving deep into who you are, elevating your  brand visuals & how to attract your dream clients!

This is a free resource for you to utilize
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For streamlining your client experience

When I decided to take the leap and pursue running my business full time, I was incredibly overwhelmed. When One6creative launched these templates, I knew that they would save me an immense amount of time.


By utilizing these templates I have been able to consistently book out every month, feel confident in my services and know my clients are getting my best work because I’m spending less time on template building.

One6Creative - Intro – Proposal.png
One6Creative - Inside - Style Guide.png
One6Creative - Intro – Welcome Guide.png
One6Creative - Inside - Welcome
One6Creative - Intro – Strategy and Dire
One6Creative - Inside - Strategy & Direc
One6Creative - Intro – Concept Presentat
One6Creative - Inside - Proposal.png
One6Creative - Intro – Style Guide.png
One6Creative - Inside - Concept Presenta
One6Creative - Intro – Goodbye Guide.png
One6Creative - Inside - Goodbye

As I continue to grow, so will these resources for you. Check back often & thank you for stopping by.💜

More is on the way!

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The Eclectic Universe Podcast

A series on passion and the why behind what we do.

A space to be inspired, motivated and connect on the passion of why we do what we do. Guest interviews range from numerous topics, industries and talents. An eclectic array of people, all in one little universe. 

Episodes release every other week on Tuesdays and streams on your favorite listening platform.

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Supporting beyond our universe 

Colorado Fires

From The Marshall fire that happened in 2021 to those that happen nearly every summer here in Colorado, there are ways to help & support those affected.

Peace Protest

Places to educate, donate, support and sign a petition to open US borders. There are many ways to lend a helping hand where you can. (These links have been provided by a personal connection I have, where she shares resources and her story)

Pride Parade
Don't Say Gay

The beauty of having an Eclectic Universe is truly all the eclectic stars in it, this space is welcome to both the BIPOC & LBGTQ+ community. Which means standing by their rights, matters deeply here.