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Resources for aligned business owners & graphic designers

As I continue to grow my little Eclectic Universe, I promised myself I would be as helpful as I could to anyone here. Explore, utilize and invest in what you can here; then watch as your dreams start to unfold.

Kailee Nauman Eclectic Designs Brand Des
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Tools that will keep you running smoothly

You probably are wearing most of the hats in business, right?
Dubsado helps your business run smoothly! An incredible tool I personally can't live without. From sending invoices, booking new clients, sending out important forms or contract and even scheduling. 

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Creating a business that is accessible

Over 50 million people in the US have a physical or mental disability? And 1 billion people in the WORLD have a disability (that’s 15% of the worlds population!). 


Take a moment to reflect on your own website - would you say that it’s accessible for people with a disability? Can blind people book a service through your website? Can people with ADHD focus on your text?


accessiBe, the easiest and might I say COOLEST tool in making your website accessible. They do it all. You just need to sign up for their service and they take care of the rest. Your website will be ADA compliant and accessible to millions more people.

It won't effect the design of your website at all, but will help you become a part of the 2% of business owners working to create an accessible business.

Get started with a 7-day free trial

People & things I can't recommend enough

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The Eclectic Universe Podcast

A series on passion and the why behind what we do.

Bringing together people from around the world every week to connect, educate and inspire you + Branded & Booked Exclusive episodes all about becoming an aligned business owner.


New episodes drop every week on Tuesday and streams on your favorite platforms.

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Supporting beyond our universe 

Colorado Fires

From The Marshall fire that happened in 2021 to those that happen nearly every summer here in Colorado, there are ways to help & support those affected.

Peace Protest

Places to educate, donate, support and sign a petition to open US borders. There are many ways to lend a helping hand where you can. (These links have been provided by a personal connection I have, where she shares resources and her story)

Pride Parade
Don't Say Gay

The beauty of having an Eclectic Universe is truly all the eclectic stars in it, this space is welcome to both the BIPOC & LBGTQ+ community. Which means standing by their rights, matters deeply here.

Worldy Support
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