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Why you should get on Tiktok as a creative business

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

Alright, so it is a MYTH that Tiktok is being shut down. So what does that mean if you are a creative and are not on that platform yet? It means you need to download and create your account as of yesterday... I must admit until I had my most recent live with @scottaf_

on Instagram, I hadn't even been on the Tiktok app for a few reasons:

  1. I did not want to fall down the rabbit whole and loose any more time on another platform.

  2. I wasn't a huge fan of most of the videos I'd seen from Tiktok already. (I guess I just didn't find them funny?)

  3. What would I even make to put there?

I did end up making one and you can follow me here (You might just be my first follower too!):

Alright, so... Now what? Let's go over some of things Scott and I talked about.

Get comfortable with being uncomfortable

Tiktok is all about channeling some of your most goofy moments, the ones where you step way beyond your comfort zone and really put out content that is truly YOU! There tagline isn't just "Make Your Day. Real People. Real Videos." for nothing.

Resource this as a funnel for your other platforms

Gaining followers on this platform has created a whole new meaning to going viral and your chances of getting noticed are at a much higher rate. As our attention begins to move to new social media platforms, the other ones tend to take the back seat. Take advantage of this new hype while you can and be sure to link it over to your other platforms from there.

Work on engaging with other accounts

I've said it once and I'll repeat it a million more times until you get it... START BEING SOCIAL ON SOCIAL MEDIA. Go interact with other accounts, people you follow and others in your industry. Spend a small amount of time everyday commenting, messaging and reaching out to people on these platforms so that you can connect beyond the 'likes'.

Know your niche

Scott put this really well in our live and said something to the extent of, if you are on social media than rather or not you like it, you are a brand. Which means finding your niche is your key to success. While yes, we love the support of our friends and family, we also need the people who WANT to know and be a part of our business. So go check out what all they hype is in your industry and become a part of that group of people.

Take some time to do research

You'll feel better if you understand how to do things. So hit the books, aka type into Google search, how to create content on Tiktok. Learn new tricks, find out how other people got their following and learn how your ideal people you want attracted to your business are using their social media platforms.

For the whole live, check out our IGTV episode here:


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