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Using The Tools Of The Universe To Come Into Alignment - Spotlight On Human Design

Updated: Nov 3, 2022

In my own holistic and spiritual journey I have found so many amazing tools that are available to us that open the door to deeper insight into who we are. Being able to dive deeper or have a tool box, so to say, where we can understand the ways we fit in or flow through this life.

I can distinctly remember when I first found out my sun astrology sign of Virgo and used to dive deep and read all about the characteristics of Virgos in high school on Tumblr blogs. Then taking other tests in my psychology classes to see how we work in teams, individually, or even tests for college that suggested what career types might be best for our paths.

These tools are present in our lives more than we may notice and I’ve really enjoyed finding the ones that align or work best for me. Right now I’m understanding more about my astrology charts and numerology chart, which are based off our birth dates.

Using Human Design to Heal and Understand Yourself

Another tool I’ve been seeing more is Human Design, which I find to be so interesting. Our guest will talk to you about that today.

Human Design: An energetic map, or manual, that indicates how you are unique as a person, and guides you in living in a manner that is in sync with who you are.

But these things, for me, have been a huge part of my life in healing, understanding and loving myself more than I ever have before. Even after going to therapy for 6 years, I still found that a lot of the work needed to be done on my end, so I have been using the knowledge behind these tools to help me heal, dive deeper and manifest the life of my dreams.

Now I am still very new to a lot of what we talk about today, which is why I’m so excited to bring Nadia Gargallo on. She is a Quantum Activator and Intuitive Business Coach. She helps female entrepreneurs with healing, energetics and aligned strategies to become magnetic, create quantum leaps and attract more clients and limitless abundance into their businesses and lives.

Listen along as we dive deep into human design, astrology, and manifesting. Everyone has a unique energy type/aura; through human design, you can learn more about your energy, how you interact with the world, and how you are meant to make decisions. Nadia describes how we can listen to our intuition and understand our energy centers, as well as overcome our blocks.

Nadia also has her own podcast called “Powerful, Wild and Magical” and I was a guest on her show in March; the episode is called - “Embracing Your Unique Qualities to Build an Authentic Brand." Be sure to check it out!

Click the image to listen to my latest episode on your favorite streaming platform.

You can connect with Nadia on Instagram or visit her website:

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