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The Benefits Of Your Nighttime Dreams And How You Can Easily Remember Them (D.R.E.A.M. Method)

Updated: Nov 3, 2022

Would you say that you’re a dreamer?... What actually comes to mind when I ask that, though? Because there are two ways we could interpret it. On one end, we can think about our daily dreams, our passions or aspirations. Then on the other we can think about the dreams we have while sleeping.

So I want to ask again… Would you say you’re a dreamer? For me, I feel like dreams have always been a big part of my life on both ends. Both daily and in my sleep. Focusing on the sleep end first, because I have always been a vivid dreamer since I was little. Of course now I think about the nightmares when I was younger that really stuck with me the most; but even now at 26, sometimes my dreams feel so real that I’m living an entirely different life while I sleep and I almost always remember them and the depth of the details they have and they are WILD to say the least. I’ve been fascinated with dreaming in the night world and have always enjoyed hearing from others what there is.

I even had a friend of mine gift me a dream dictionary when I was 20 to start to learn about the symbolism of what my dreams had or possibly meant. I’ll still crack it open when I keep dreaming about animals continuously or maybe even the scary ones and what they could be telling me.

Now, I want to mention the awake dreams, the aspirations and passions. I’ve had big dreams and I’ve surprisingly retained a LOT of them. Which if you’re familiar with manifestation, a lot of what I’m about to tell you will make sense. Here’s a few I had that eventually came true:

I grew up in a house where my bedroom window looked directly to the Denver skyline. It sat perfectly between the two neighbors' houses across from me and I would crawl out of bed late after my parents went to bed and just stare at the city lights. I felt so mesmerized by it. I would dream about living in the city when I was older. In 2015 I started school at the Art Institute of Denver which sat in the very middle of the city and I LOVED it!! Now I never lived directly in the city, but I’ve spent a lot of the last 7 years in it and the little Kailee that dreamt about it, her heart is tremendously fulfilled.

When I was in high school, I started to think about what I wanted my dream car to be and for some reason I was so fixated on having a Dodge Charger. Now, I never owned a Dodge Charger BUT there was one time I totaled my car and it just so happened I got to drive a Dodge Charger until it got fixed!! Another dream come true you’d say.

Then the biggest dream of all… Was dreaming about being a full time creative!! I used to think I’d live in New York as a starving artist, but instead now I’m not starving… HAHAHA. But I am a full-time creative!! And I did it at 24!! Which is crazy to think about.

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Today's guest, Andrea Morrison, is a dream coach and she pulls out more messaging in the dreams we have at night to draw connections into our daily dreams. In this episode, we talk about how our night time dreams can actually improve our waking life.

Connect with Andrea on Instagram and her Website.


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