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Channeling Messages Through Art (Or Any Passion) And Bringing Them To Life

Updated: Nov 3, 2022

As we continue to look at this theme somewhat of creativity, I wanted to bring todays guest on to share her unique process and channeling when it comes to her own art. We ended up meeting out in the wild so to say, not online while she had a set up inside another art exhibit I had gone to. I immediately felt drawn to her work and could feel how much went into what she created. I bought a print, followed her on Instagram and went home. I explored the rest of her work she had up on her social media and decided to message her and see if she was available to meet for coffee.

A few weeks later we met at a coffee shop down town and for a few hours got to know each other. I knew having her as a guest here o the podcast was something that had to happen.

As you're listening to this, I encourage you to see what comes to you whenever you are trying to be creative. How does it come to you and what does it feel like? When I was in middle school to high school I used a lot of my art as a self expression to release emotions of sadness and anger. But today I feel like other than my design work with clients, I don't explore much of releasing my emotions through art. I can't help but to wonder more and more lately about what it would be like if I spent less time doing other things and more time getting in touch with my emotions I used to visit often before and turned them into art.

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In todays episode hear from artist, Nina Stewart who through her art has brought life to messages she has channeled since being a young girl. We talk about what its like to be a spiritual creator and the messaging behind her work.

"I feel like that realm of having the feeling that we all have a bigger purpose than what we're told, its what drives me to want to share and be open with my spiritual journey.

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Here is the piece I have in my office from Nina that I felt not only moved by, but related to.


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