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Understanding The Building Blocks Of Music & How This Applies To Life

Updated: Nov 3, 2022

Last month we heard from guests that focused on the deeper and mental side of things and this month going into March, with spring slowly coming back to us, I want to focus on creativity. Creativity is such a huge part of my life, but I'm curious what creativity means for you. Creativity can present itself in so many different ways in our own journey and so this month I'm bringing you some guests that utilize their unique zone of creativity.

Today's guest is someone I have known since high school, and I distinctly remember him telling me during math class about his love for music. Now… If you cant tell from this podcast alone, I LOVE hearing about someone else's passion and listening to why they are so drawn to it. So in this math class we struck up a conversation most often about music compared to math…

When I look at everyone I went to high school with which is almost a decade ago, I get SO excited to see someone else following their creative dream, not only is it inspiring, but its a way to connect with them. Specifically, as we talk today, music has really been a love of mine ever since I could remember being introduced to my first CD player or how certain songs bring back memories of driving in the car with my parents all the way to channeling my own creative zone by listening to certain playlists.

Music can shape so much of who we are, core memories and bring such a large majority of us together. Have you ever had this feeling when at a concert, where you pause for a moment and just take in all the people that are there? People from all walks of life and the magic that is happening all bonding over this one genre or artist? ITS WILD, right?!

Which is why I wanted to bring todays guest on to share his love of music and the what the building blocks of some of our favorite songs come from, I’m happy to introduce you to Chris Jones.

"I’m a music producer & Audio Mixing engineer, I love helping artists bring their music to life. I prefer the workflow of working with artists in person to work on their specific catalog needs whether they want a club record, a pop song, a bouncy hip hop anthem, or just about anything else they could create. As a producer, my whole goal has been to take my fate out of the hands of other people, by putting together songs with artists that I believe in and releasing them as collaborations, I find myself moving just as an artist would."


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