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The Importance Of Creativity In Every Day Life (Plus, How To Enhance It) with Robert A. Belle

Updated: Nov 3, 2022

I am beyond excited to finally share todays episode! You'll hear from Robert A. Belle who is an author, accountant and most recently won TED's 2021 Global Idea Search. But he's also so much more...

However he most commonly introduces himself as, "I'm a Champion of Creativity, Ambassador of Wellness and Pursuer of Excellence." In this episode he explains the importance of creativity in your everyday life on Season 2 - Episode 3 of the Eclectic Universe Podcast.

Within his book, Blow the Lid Off, he talks about how creativity can benefit you and give you an advantage in business and life. This idea is something I constantly teach my clients about because when we can identify our own creativity and apply it in a way that feels wholehearted to us, we can unlock so much potential.

This was the first time I had met Robert and our conversation left me with so much inspiration in my heart.

Creativity doesn't just come in the form of pencil to paper or brush to a canvas. It can come into other things like how you approach certain things in your life, especially in our businesses. How can you bring more creativity into your life? Does it look like how you solve problems, in the way you map out your goals or even in the way you schedule your day?

Thank you SO much for being here and listening to this episodes guest, you can connect with Robert on LinkedIn or follow him on Instagram @robert_a_belle

If you're looking for support in how to channel your own creativity, you can come join your community of like minded entrepreneurs inside the Eclectic Universe Membership. A space to be heard and come as you are, wholeheartedly. This month for January 2022 we are diving into what the heck is branding if it's not just your logo. You can also have access to a guided creativity mediation to channel your creativity whenever you need it most.

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