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How To Notice When You're In Survival Mode - & How To Get Out Of It

Updated: Nov 3, 2022

Last year I was hitting a really tough spot in both my business and life and was constantly finding myself burnt out, exhausted, over stimulated and in a sense both sad and angry. I had of the whim went to an appointment with my counselor of 5 years just to catch up and was incredibly frustrated because what I was talking to him about… Was what we’ve talked about time and time again. Which lead me to noticing this pattern I was stuck in and it revolved around boundary setting.

Oh boy… BOUNDARIES. Something I haven't been able to wrap my head around for who knows how long. You know that kind where you talk to others and they kinda just look at you and say, “Okay… Well just say no more?” But the mere thought of me doing that was making me feel physically uncomfortable. How was I supposed to just “ALL OF A SUDDEN” start telling people ‘no’.... Or how was I going to stop being the person everyone always needed all the time, somehow or some way?!

Which lead me to someone I had been connecting with for some time on Instagram - Todays guest - Rachael. Now before you hear from her, I want to let you know that when I started working with her, I truly felt like I was drowning in my own thoughts around boundaries and guilt.

For about 6 months, Rachael and I worked on how I can get unstuck in this survival mode I was in. One where boundaries weren't a part of my life and it was putting my mental and physical health in over drive.

My favorite part of working with her is she didn't talk to me for an hour and then hand over some journal prompts... Rachael took her time to understand my unique needs. Which meant that journaling wasn't really an option because it felt in a sense like "homework" to me. Instead, she offered that I try some things that were a bit more creative. Such as visual mood board creation, listening to subliminal tracks she created, tapping and spending more time moving my body.

Since working with her, I have felt such a big transformation in my own life, while sometimes I still start to feel myself creeping back into that survival mode I created for myself, I still have found myself less guilty and more empowered with how to manage this.

Todays guest, Rachael Bahre is an Intuitive Life Coach helping you tune into your subconscious and conscious self to live a more joyful life. In todays episode we explore what it means to be in survival mode, work with your inner child and what it was like for me to work through boundary setting and guilt.


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