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Using Marketing As An Agent For Good & Change - Ins And Outs Of Ethical Marketing

Updated: Nov 3, 2022

Table of Contents
  • Approach Marketing Through Relationships

  • Ideas For Networking

  • Know the Difference Between Marketing & Sales

  • Slow Down To Do It Right

  • Understand Your Actual Goal

  • Book More Clients: Branded & Booked

Marketing can feel really overwhelming as an entrepreneur, especially when we have more outlets than we can count on our fingers. For me personally, I still get stuck. I’ve gone back and forth on going all in on Instagram, trying out email marketing, blogging, Pinterest, even trying out TikTok. Which, at this point, seems exhausting because I’m pulling myself in so many new directions.

As a one-woman show, marketing has felt everything but EASY.

The occasional overwhelming mood!

However, it doesn’t HAVE to be this way. Which is why today's guest, Miriam Reid, is here to educate us all about the ins and outs of turning marketing into the idea of simply making new friends. On the Eclectic Universe Podcast, you'll hear from Miriam who I connected a few months back. Even within the first week of following her, I was instantly admiring the content she was sharing. It was real, raw, and truly realistic about the journey of starting her own business. I’m excited for you to hear from her and learn about ways you can shift your marketing to feel less overwhelming.

I would love to share the highlights from my enlightening interview with Miriam. You can listen to this exclusive Branded & Booked episode here: "Marketing Can Be Like Making Friends"

Approach Marketing Through Relationships

Whether you're new in business, or a handful of years in, relationship-building is the top way to market.

Personally, after 3 years, I could completely cut out social media and still be able to book clients because of all the connections I've made over the years. From every connection, I've gotten referrals and have been able to send others their way in return.

I suggest paying attention to who is in your community now, and really nurture those relationships in a way that feels aligned to you. There are many ways to nurture your current relationships, as well as develop new relationships, which I will list below.

Connect through community.

Ideas for Networking (For Extroverts and Introverts):

  • Go to local and in-person events. You can find these online, through Facebook, or even reach out to others in your circle that are often out and about.

  • Join Facebook groups! There are thousands of groups on Facebook - you can find groups in any specific niche. I've joined groups to connect with others in my industry or those in my niche. Be mindful that these do also take time and energy to engage in; but if you're comfortable doing it, you can connect with thousands in one little place. Share some of your expertise! Or maybe an opinion if it fits your values. I don't suggest joining just to spam the group with your business every other day; people catch on and it seems pushy.

  • Connect with someone that already watches and engages with your content. In a way, they already know much about you! And most of the time, they WANT to connect, they just might be nervous to. Also, know that sometimes these relationships don't pan out and they just love to support through engagement. This is okay! I've had to learn that not everyone is going to be my friend. 😅

  • Now for my more introverted friends here, you can always utilize those closest to you. If you have close friends or family who support you, you can can always ask if they have anyone that might need what you offer. This way, they're making that initial interaction seamless. It's also okay if things feel awkward at first. I always like to think about how making friends when we were little was. Always uncomfortable at first, right?!

One of the greatest marketing tools: word of mouth!

Know The Difference Between Marketing & Sales

For a really long time, I never knew there was a difference between marketing and sales. Marketing seemed to be how you made sales, right? 🤔 But, there's actually a big difference between the two.

Marketing as a small business is ideally a combination of these things:

  1. Branding

  2. Messaging

  3. Advertising

  4. Strategy

  5. What you offer & how clients can get it

  6. Pricing

  7. Promoting

Sales as a small business is a bit of:

  1. Problem solving

  2. Knowing your audience

  3. Marketing

  4. Communication

  5. Transaction

While Marketing & Sales coexist with each other, you'll want to know your marketing first in order to convert the most sales.

"Marketing is basically positioning your business as something that your target audience wants to buy from... But there are a million different ways to market your business, and none of them are wrong." -Miriam Reid

Slow Down To Do It Right

There's this whole idea of slowing down in our business that's becoming more prominent these days. That's definitely a goal of mine! As we've all seen, the buzzword, "hustle culture," roots pretty deep in the United States from what I've experienced.

However, if I've learned anything from running my studio, my photography business, and working with therapists - it's that speeding up for me has never meant more success. Instead, it's consistently put me into burnout and complete exhaustion. This is sometimes hard to come back from as a small business owner. Can you relate?

Quieting down the noise of all the should and shouldn'ts can help you decide where the most important places are to market your business. Take some time to turn inward and take the right steps - it's a marathon, not a sprint!

Understand Your Actual Goal

I think our common goal often gets lost in the sales process. This makes sense, because one of the priorities of running a business is to generate revenue. Without revenue, there is no business. So then our true goals can often be forgotten or neglected.

When it comes to marketing yourself, you'll first want to know what your specific goals are in regards to your service. Here are some examples of goals that aren't directly related to sales, but build into them:

  • Growing an email list

  • Getting featured on podcasts

  • Expanding knowledge of your business

  • Connecting with other businesses

  • Finding places to promote your business

  • Creating a consistent work-flow

  • Having an amazing client experience

The list really could go on and the key thing is: What is your true goal? What is your WHY?


There is so much more you can learn from Miriam in this interview, so be sure to listen to the podcast episode below! She goes into more detail on ethical marketing, being inclusive, and not using 'icky marketing techniques.'

If you want to connect with Miriam, click here for her links!


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