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Tips To Avoid Burnout And Live Life On Your Terms As A Business Owner

Updated: Nov 3, 2022

Life…can be tiring.

And when we add running our own business and all the other things on our long list of priorities, how are we supposed to avoid burnout?

Something I’ve learned is: we might not be able to avoid it.

Burnout is Inevitable - How Can We Work With It?

Burnout has been continuous in my life. Ever since I could remember, from going to school, playing sports, joining clubs, making plans with friends and family, and now running my dream design studio and building the Eclectic Universe. It's an endless list of things to always be doing.

I’m constantly tired, my stress levels seem to always be at an all-time high, and who knows when was the last time I took a week off to do absolutely nothing?!

Even with me seeing a therapist to help me with boundary setting and the guilt I carry around it, I still find myself saying, "Yes" too often, when I should be saying, "No."

Can you relate?

You Are Not Alone

Today's guest, Ashley Foley, has made situations like mine a part of her mission. She is an Energetics and Self-Trust Mentor and she helps us reach our goals, work through burnout (and find ways to make it less consistent), plus still live a completely fulfilling life. I’m grateful for this episode, as it's something I definitely needed right now - and I’m wondering if maybe you do, too?

"I’m passionate about helping online business owners harness their own unique experiences and energy to drive their success in the industry. My favorite thing is helping someone be unapologetically themselves and have it benefit their business instead of shying away from their personality, like we’re taught to do in order to be professional. And also breaking out of the 9-5 mindset."

How To Limit Burnout

  • Set boundaries. Know that it's okay to say, "No."

  • Don't bring your work home with you.

  • Be mindful with your phone - turn off notifications, set time limits, etc.

  • Break out of the 9-5 mentality. Find timeframes that work best for you and your energy.

These are just a few examples of how we can avoid burnout - be sure to listen to the latest podcast that is full of more tips, plus information on toxic positivity and advice from Ashley about self-trust and how it can help us mindfully reach our goals.

Click below to listen on your favorite streaming platform

So let's all create some boundaries (and stick to them!), take a nap when our body tells us to, and remember that life is not all about work and to-do lists! Freedom!!

You can connect with Ashley on Instagram and TikTok. If you'd like to work on your boundaries, you can purchase Ashley's "Boundaries for the Boundless" workbook!

Thank you for being here, Shining Star!


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