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How To Have A Healthy Relationship with Social Media

Updated: November 2022

I've been feeling incredibly passionate about the topic of social media and human connection, especially since the pandemic started. During that time, social media apps were the closest any of us were going to get to "human connection" for a while. But, with spending countless hours there, the results weren't always coming out positive - even currently, as the pandemic is ending. The conversations shifted from talking about reliance on social media for connection, to realizing how unhappy people felt while being on them.

I had a zoom presentation with some employees from The City of Northglenn in Colorado that directly discusses this topic.

An Eye-Opening Conversation About Social Media

You can watch the whole video here: How To Have a Healthy Relationship With Social Media

Key Takeaways to Reflect On

• Ask yourself why you use these platforms and what your purpose is to show up on them.

• You have all the power to add followers, remove followers, move on and turn off these apps!

• We are all human and social media only shares the best of the best, so let go of that non-stop comparison to other people there. We are all unique, wonderful and amazing in our own way! Embrace that. (One of my biggest Eclectic values.)

• Remember to be in the moment, not just capturing the moment. Sometimes putting our phone down is better.

Reflect on your emotions while using these platforms. Are they positive or negative?

• Make sure you're adding value to your life. If social media ain't doing it... TAKE 👏 A 👏 BREAK.

• If these apps are causing conflict with your ACTUAL real life connections, talk about it and sort it out.

Humans by nature need connections, so make sure you're putting energy into the right ones, and real ones. 😉


Thank you for being here! If you'd like to grow your business, but in a mindful and intentional way that doesn't rely on spending hours on social media, I would love to chat with you! I work 1:1 with my magical clients to help them thrive - and be sure to check out my Branded & Booked Course!



Original Post: June 23, 2020

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