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How To Bring Magic Into Your Life & Small Business

Updated: Nov 3, 2022

When it comes to my journey of becoming a business owner, the biggest tools I've brought with me along the way are rooted in spirituality. Ever since high school and probably even going back into grade school, I can remember being very drawn to a holistic way of living and in a sense a fantasy world where things felt really magical. Oh, and don't let me forget to tell just how much I was drawn to the stars! It's a huge reason my brand now is heavily rooted in imagery of the stars.

The more I've been embracing who I am, this magical/spiritual side of me, the more aligned and rooted I feel in my life overall. When I met Dani through mutual friends, I was very drawn to who she was as a person. I will NEVER forget the first time we all hung out as a friend ground and Dani offered us a tarot reading. Little did anyone know that recently my dad had passed away and I was in the mist of a huge family rif, at the age of 22. It was definitely one of the hardest times I've lived through, but also one of the most transformational. I asked her some questions that were somewhat vague and still she was able to pull such a powerful read. Giving my guidance and direction for how to navigate this heavy position I was in. I truly think that was the moment spirituality started coming into my life. It was the first time I felt like I had something by my side, reminding me I would make it through.

Fast forward two years later and Dani reached out to me to inquire about my signature offer The Designed to Shine Experience, for her own business. In January 2021 she booked and we've kinda been inseparable since!

Together we created a beautiful brand for her, one that aligned her and the growth of where she was taking the business.

I've also benefited from her services, additional readings on my own birth charts and how to utilize them for myself and business! Which has been not only cool, but beyond helpful. You can learn more about what Dani offers on her website.


Dani Wright, is an eclectic Pagan witch and Spiritual Coach that specializes in astrology and tarot. She provides community support and education to those who are looking for guidance in their own journey, especially small business owners looking to grow. She is the host of That Witch Podcast and is soon to be launching an actual Witch School!

On todays episode of The Eclectic Universe Podcast, Dani and I explore her journey into embracing being a Witch and what she identifies with as one. We also touch on crystals, tarot, astrology and so much more. Including how to use your beliefs as a tool in how you flow with life. Which have been the soil and roots to building the foundation for my own business.

Listen on your favorite streaming platform and if you enjoyed this episode it would mean the world if you shared, rated and followed the podcast on Instagram.


Needing help with your own business growth or brand and website?

Are you looking to attract more dream clients to your business? Apply for the Designed to Shine Experience which is my signature offer that includes over 30 deliverables and is a transformative 4 month journey for holistic and spiritual providers that want to feel confident, empowered and be able to show up wholeheartedly with their brand and website. Specially crafted to be unique & custom to your story, dreams and business goals.

Join us inside the Eclectic Universe Membership this month to get a group coaching lesson from Dani on the 17th for only $22.22 + have access to educational modules and support calls.

Are you a graphic designer looking to become your best design self? Learn more about the Eclectic Visuals University where you can connect with a design community and enroll in our 8 week educational course.


As always, thank you for being in this little Eclectic Universe | Music is by WatR

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