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5 Brand Coaching Sessions My Clients Benefit From

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

Over the past five years of working with clients I have been evolving my services to not only supply them with a brand that aligns and shines in their industry, but also allowing us time to sit down and dive deeper into key essential topics that will elevate their branding.

Why have I included these sessions into my signature offer?

Strategic brands tell stories and go beyond the visuals. Focusing on the emotions, intentions and mission. While our visuals do help in the story line, these topics help expand on how to show up wholeheartedly with your brand and give depth to the visuals. Here are the top 5 things I focus on in these brand coaching sessions:

1. Your shining purpose & brand purpose

You essentially created your brand/business based off of something. We focus on the back story of why you decided to begin this journey, what your primary mission is and how it's going to add purpose into the life of your audience.

2. Embracing your unique qualities

My favorite part about the branding process is truly focusing on what makes you and your brand/business unique. These qualities are what sets you a part from others in your industry and how you can shine brighter with them.

3. Who is your ideal audience/client

If you don't know this already... Then I must tell you, your brand/business is NOT for everyone. I know sometimes it might seem like everyone or anyone could benefit from what we offer, but that's not the case. We narrow down who exactly your services or products are for, where they can connect with you and how you can continue to show up for them specifically.

4. Creating brand visuals that align

Yes... We have an entire coaching session on your visuals. Why? Because your visuals need to reflect your purpose, qualities, audience and who you are as a person. I want to ensure your visuals are something that aligns with the foundation and isn't something you'll soon get bored of. We want to create consistency in your brand/business and in order for that to happen we need to ensure we do it right the first time around.

5. Project Wrap Up & Brand Launch

The moment we ALL have been waiting for!! Your brand launch!! Have you ever been following someone and just randomly things change or pivot and you're just like.... "Wait what?" Building trust with your community is about sharing the process and including them in on the excitement. Think or it as they are with you for the whole journey. Having a brand launch that is not only strategic but FUN will amplify your audiences interest because they feel like they're a part of something bigger with you.

So now I must ask...

Have you sat down and considered all 5?

In what ways could you benefit from these in your brand/business?

Brand designer Kailee is sitting on the floor with her laptop looking up and smiling

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