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3 Must Dos to Land the Graphic Design Job You Want

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

Searching for jobs as a graphic designer can feel daunting, but let me inform you that our options are limitless. Daily I go and check to see what companies or businesses are needing designers and the opportunities don't fall short. At this point in my career I have been on both the applicant and ‘hiring’ process side, meaning I’ve looked at incoming applications of other designers. So I wanted to share the 3 must do’s that will help in landing a job you want as a designer.

1. Get your website up and functioning properly

This is the biggest and main step of entry into being considered.

  • If it’s not working, the company doesn’t have time for it. We live in 2020, meaning websites are expected to be seamless, have a well designed interface and make sure navigation is easy. Ain't nobody got time for that.

  • Consider that sometimes it’s not the marketing department looking at your website first, in most cases the HR department will be looking first to ensure they are giving the managers the right applicants.

  • Based on the position, ensure your website matches the work/projects you are applying for. If you have only logos on your site but the position is mainly layout and print, in their eyes you wouldn't be a good fit for the position.

  • Have an "about you" tab. It helps when the person viewing your website can learn a little about you. It's also important that your personality fits well with the rest of the team. Ensure that the page is truly who you are while at work. No, an employer doesn't want to know you go out and party every night till 2am. 😉

Take a look at my portfolio site I give when applying for positions:

2. Have your LinkedIn profile updated with accurate info!

  • It’s FREE so you should definitely be taking advantage of it!

  • Sometimes, your connections will count! If an employer is looking at your connections and they have someone they have either worked with prior or know from your professional career, than the chances of you being considered will increase. I mean hey, it's about who you know sometimes. 😎

  • It’s a super quick resume that recruiters and HR departments love to use. LinkedIn has a ton of amazing features that will benefit you in the hiring stages. It's a paperless resume that can be a quick reference. There is also a "quick" apply feature that some jobs enable where all of your LinkedIn information will auto populate for your application. JUST ONE EASY CLICK.

3. Do your research on the company and position

  • Before you apply, do some research on the company! What it is like to work there? Do their benefits align with what you need? How is their culture and what they have been doing in their industry?

  • LOOK into projects they have recently done. My go to is talking about their website and what I thought about it. THIS is a true indicator to them that you have done your research.

  • How do you fit their needs for the position and then some... Sure it's easy to find cookie cutter people to fit the position, but what sets you apart from them. For example, I went into my first job as a Marketing Design Coordinator where they needed the primary skills of layout design, but I brought to the table that I was working on my social media skills which is something they really needed help with.

Now go on, start applying!!


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