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Designed to Shine Experiences

A transformative journey for you to feel confident, empowered and be able to show up wholeheartedly with your brand and website and book more dream clients.

Specially crafted to be unique & custom to your story, dreams and business goals.
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Does this sounds like you...

✨ You are incredibly passionate about what you do

✨ You care about those around you, especially those your service/product is intended for

✨Your story plays a huge role in why you started your business

✨You know in your heart that you're meant to be making a difference

✨You want to live a life that feels aligned

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You can have alignment in your branding and attract your dream clients from a space that is completely unique to you. 

Why this xperience exists...

You're not alone if you've been feeling:

💥There's a lack of direction in your brand and something just feels like its missing

💥You've spent countless hours trying to DIY your brand and website and it's still not... right.

💥 Frustrated or confused on how to bring your passion to life visually

💥 Constantly putting content out, but you're getting crickets

💥You're not attracting your dream clients

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You know that you're burnt out from the lack of  direction in your branding and this is standing in the way of bringing in those dream clients you deserve to work with.
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The Signature Designed to Shine Experience

Brand and website design

Phase One

Strategy & Development

✨ Your shining purpose & brand purpose

✨ Embracing your unique qualities

✨ Who is your dream audience/client

✨ Creating brand visuals that align

Paired with two  45min one-on -one brand coaching sessions. 
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From those shining already 💜

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Courtney G.

I felt on top of the WORLD during and after our project was completed. I felt seen, heard, and understood. Kailee took the time to get to know my heart and its wishes to create a brand that was authentic to me, since my business is me! People tell me ALL. THE. TIME. how accessible, gorgeous, and sleek my website is.  They love my consistency in how I put myself and my business out there into the world.

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Dani W.

I feel so much more confident! And I still feel so incredibly supported. I have such a better understanding for creating my own visuals, AND I am on a successful content creation schedule. I feel confident with my social media and I'm stepping more out of my comfort zone every day and I am loving it!! Truly I have nothing but wonderful things to say about the entire experience.

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Emma W.

I felt lost within my brand and I was struggling with website design, and cohesive messaging to my audience. I used to dread sharing my website with anyone because I knew it was unprofessional and amateur. Kailee has incredible intuition when it comes to branding and design. She offers insights on market strategy, audience retention, and how to show up authentically within your brand.

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If you're looking to work with a designer that considers your personal journey, then we might just be the right fit...
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Hello, Im Kailee

Your magical brand & website designer

Even as a brand designer... I've been exactly where you are. I was spending time in this space that felt so unauthentic to me. I felt like I was forcing myself to do things that were "expected" of me or because everyone else seemed to be "successful" doing things how they were.

But I didn't want to be like everyone else and I doubt you want that either, right?!

You can have alignment in your branding and attract your dream clients from a space that is completely unique to you. I help you develop strategy, reconnect with yourself in your passion and design visuals that elevate your confidence.

Ready for all the possibilities when you have a brand & website
that empowers you to show up

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Imagine being able to...

✨ Show up for your passion WITH direction

✨ Shine in your industry and attract your dream clients

✨Feel confident about how to share what you do

✨ It's easy to visually represent yourself through social media & your website

✨ You can finally show up exactly as who you are with a brand you love

✨ You have additional support in growing your business

✨ Have the confidence in how your passion is represented


Are you ready to begin your

Designed to Shine Experience?

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