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Aligns with you & your business goals?


My signature offer

Designed to Shine Experience

Working with you to feel empowered in your branding so you can show up wholeheartedly, shine in your industry & book more dream clients.

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Does this sound like you?

✨ You are incredibly passionate about what you do.

✨ You care about those around you, especially those your service/product is intended for.

✨Your story plays a huge role in why you started your business.

✨You know in your heart that you're meant to be making a difference.

✨You want to live a life that feels aligned.

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You can have alignment in your branding and attract your dream clients from a space that is completely unique to you. 

Why this experience exists...

You're not alone if you've been feeling:

💥There's a lack of direction in your brand and something just feels like its missing in your current branding.

💥You've spent countless hours trying to DIY your brand and website and it's still not... right or converting into sales.

💥 Frustrated or confused on how to bring your passion to life visually.

💥 Constantly putting content out, but you're getting crickets.

💥You're not attracting the right dream clients to be a part of your space.

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You know that you're burnt out from the lack of direction in your branding and this is standing in the way of reaching your overall business goals.
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What my signature package looks like

STAGE ONE: Strategy & Development
✨ Brand strategy questionnaire
✨ 1:1 - 60min session
✨ Visual direction planning

STAGE TWO: Brand Identity Suite
✨ Logo marks, colors & typography
✨ Imagery, graphics & icons
✨ 2 Branded print or digital materials
✨ Brand style guide or board
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Kailee Nauman Brand Strategy.jpg
STAGE THREE: Website Development
✨ Best web application for your business
✨ Desktop & mobile design
✨ + SEO on the front end
✨ Accessibility Widget

I'm an expert in Wix but I work with external and very talented website designers specializing in Squarespace, WordPress and Shopify (their services are included in pricing)

STAGE FOUR: Shining in your industry
✨ Education on how to use your brand
✨ Video trainings on updating your website

✨ + A Mini Alignment Course
  1. Showing up wholeheartedly
  2. Embracing your unique qualities
  3. Finding alignment in your business
  4. Practicing self care as a business owner

From those shining already 💜

Click the images to see their full projects
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If you're looking to work with a designer that considers your personal journey, then we might just be the right fit...

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Hello, Im Kailee

Your magickal designer

Even as a brand designer... I've been exactly where you are. I was spending time in this space that felt so unauthentic to me. I felt like I was forcing myself to do things that were "expected" of me or because everyone else seemed to be "successful" doing things how they were.

But I didn't want to be like everyone else and I doubt you want that either, right?!

You can have alignment in your branding and attract your dream clients from a space that is completely unique to you. I help you develop strategy, reconnect with yourself in your passion and design visuals that elevate your confidence. While also keeping in mind your business goals!

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Ready for all the possibilities when you have a brand & website that empowers you to show up wholeheartedly

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Imagine being able to...

✨ Show up for your passion WITH direction

✨ Shine in your industry and attract your dream clients

✨Feel confident about how to share what you do

✨ It's easy to visually represent yourself through social media & your website

✨ You can finally show up exactly as who you are with a brand you love

✨ You have additional support in growing your business

✨ Have the confidence in how your passion is represented

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Are you ready to begin your

Designed to Shine Experience?

Fill out your application so we can schedule a free sales discovery call to ensure this is exactly what you need when it comes to having a brand & website that aligns with you and your business goals.

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