Take a moment...

How do you feel?

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I want you to visualize what it will feel like when you can show up with your business 100% aligned with who you are.

No more questioning on who you have to be, or stress about how to reach all those beautiful dreams you have.

You have an action plan, so now you're spending less time questioning how you show up for your business but instead spending your energy with dream clients that value what you do.

Ready to come into alignment with your brand to feel empowered and book more dream clients?

A group mastermind that focuses on life balance, brand strategy, alignment and effective brand marketing so that you can not only reach your overall business goals but feel reassured that what ever your process needs to be, is the right way for you to book more clients.

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How others have found success with this process

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Kailee has literally transformed my entire business. I now have the KNOWLEDGE and the CONFIDENCE to create and design for myself.  


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I felt seen, heard, & understood. Kailee guided me to dream big, follow my bliss, and stay connected to my best self. I felt on top of the WORLD during and after our project


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 Because of our time together, I got my largest booking ever and also got featured in a big bridal magazine for my jackets!   I loved the experience.


It's your time to shine brighter than ever before in a way that feels empowering, inspiring & aligned. Don't you think?

Join the waitlist for early bird pricing and secure $222 off enrollment + get emails leading up to enrollment for some bonus content!

We will be working inside Teachable where you will have access to all the content and for our calls we will vote on a time for everyone that enrolls so that we can all be there together! 💗

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Who this is for...

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You! Since you already found yourself here, it means you are already someone who is not only passionate about what you do, but you have the heart others are looking to benefit from. 💗

I created this course with you in mind.

A safe space to show up wholeheartedly as yourself to learn, dive deeper into your branding and how you can book more of those dream clients you can't stop thinking about.

  Hello shining star  

I'm Kailee, your soon to be brand alignment coach

I've been helping passionate souls just like yourself for the past 7 years and during my own journey I started to notice something: The more I built a brand that was based around who I was as a person, the more I started to shine. It was really this magickal process that made me think, "oh, THIS is what's been missing this whole time."

I was getting booked out more often and working with literal dream clients.

& that's what I want for you! Enough of the constant being told HOW to build your brand, it's time to do what works best for you.

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Investment Breakdown

In this 6 week course we will be blending together coaching, education and the magick of a group mastermind.

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Course Entry

Full course
Slack Support
2 mo. in membership
Brand visuals workbook


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Full course
Extra 2 wk. Slack Support
6 mo. in membership
Brand visuals workbook

60min 1:1 coaching session
& custom action plan


Both options include a special bonus!

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Are you ready?

I'm excited to hear where you are in your journey and how coming into alignment can transform not only your brand and business, but life.