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 This is a 6 week group mastermind and the next group starts in January 2023.

Enrollment will open in December, until then, jump on the waitlist to save $222 and get exclusive early enrollment.

Take a moment...

How do you feel?

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I want you to visualize what it will feel like when you can show up with your business 100% aligned with who you are.


No more questioning on who you have to be, or stress about how to reach all those beautiful dreams you have.


You have an action plan, so now you're spending less time questioning how you show up for your business but instead spending your energy with dream clients that value what you do.

Ready to come into alignment with your brand to feel empowered and book more dream clients?

A group mastermind that focuses on life balance, brand strategy, alignment and effective brand marketing so that you can not only reach your overall business goals but feel reassured that what ever your process needs to be, is the right way for you to book more clients.

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  • Can I cancel my monthly payments?
    Yup! This is a month by month membership with no catch or hidden fees. Join while and when you can. Also read through the terms and agreements when you do sign up. Note that once a payment is submitted it is not elidgible for a refund.
  • If I do a drop in call, can I have access to everything else in the membership?"
    No, the drop in fee is only for the calls elidgible and if you decide you want access to all the other magic you will need to pay for the monthly price point. Note that if you do a drop in and then want the membership content you will have to pay for both.
  • What if I can’t make a call?
    There are three calls a month and the last call of every month will be recorded so that you have access to a replay if you are in the membership. If you pay for a drop in and miss the call, you can gain access to a replay. The other two calls are not recorded for privacy.
  • Can I request refunds?
    There are no refunds for this offer. If you wish to cancel and jump out of the Eclectic Universe Membership, you can do so by going into your Teachable account.
  • Will I receive any design services?
    No, this membership is community and educational based only. If you are looking for design services check out some other Eclectic Services.
  • Will I have unlimited access to the content per month?
    Each month the content will refresh, meaning new resources will replace the month prior. This is for liability reasons. Also read through the terms and agreements when you do sign up.


After working together, I felt on top of the WORLD during and after our project was completed. I felt seen,
heard, and understood. Kailee took the time to get to know my heart and its wishes to create a brand that was authentic to me, since my business is ME! Kailee has guided me to dream big, follow my bliss, and stay connected with my best self.


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Why I created this course for you

Over the past 7 years of doing business (I had a photography business before Eclectic Designs .CO) I really wish there had been a course that taught me how to find alignment in myself and business before anything else. Here are some reasons why and you might be feeling the same exact way I did:

  • You’re feeling sold to on other people's dreams on social media.

  • Your identity is getting lost amongst all the other business owners you follow and look up to - Thinking you have to do it just like them in order to be successful.

  • You’re having a hard time understanding how to create a balanced schedule, especially when it comes to work/life balance. 

  • You’re starting to feel uninspired with your visuals or are constantly getting stuck on how to use them.

  • You have no idea how to talk about your services or products so that your dream audience will buy from you.

  • You’re spending a lot of time in spaces that isn’t giving you a lot in return.

Here’s WHY you’re feeling this way


You’re being told your struggles and not your strengths


Things are getting messy because there’s just too much noise being thrown at you


The expectations are HIGH based off other people's goals and accomplishments

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will help:

By joining this mastermind, not only do I want you to walk away with some incredible tools like the visuals workbook, 2hr. Group calls, 1:1 support and modules you can access for life. But I also want you to feel empowered with…

  • Knowing exactly what your business goals are and how to start working towards them

  • Learning what visuals align with you and your business

  • Having knowledge on who exactly your service or products are for and how to attract them

  • What kind of content is worth your time and energy

  • Talking about what you do will be easy and fun!

  • You know longer question how you’re doing things, because now you have strategy in what you do for your business


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I felt inspired after we finished! It was something I was so excited to share, it felt like me and it felt like something to be taken seriously. I was hoping it would kick start some action and inspire me to make my business a reality, and it did! Kailee helped me immeasurably in building the buzz about my plans for the business and get everyone excited!


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What you will be getting during this course

  • 6 weeks of supports

  • 2 - 120min group coaching sessions

  • Private Slack Channel

  • Personal Feedback from me on your module content

  • Journal Prompts

  • Fun Activities

  • Guided Meditations

  • Brand Visuals Workbook

  • Imposter Syndrome Activities

  • Business Branding Checklist

  • Personalized Action Plan (For VIP only)

  • Recorded Presentation Videos


  • Brain Break Activities

  • Yoga Sequences

  • Mindfulness Practices

  • 100% course credit toward working with me in my signature program: Designed to Shine

  • Coloring Pages

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 Meet your mentor 

I'm Kailee, your brand expert

I've been helping passionate souls just like yourself for the past 7 years and during my own journey I started to notice something: The more I built a brand that was based around who I was as a person, the more I started to shine. It was really this magickal process that made me think, "oh, THIS is what's been missing this whole time."

I was getting booked out more often and working with literal dream clients.

& that's what I want for you! Enough of the constant being told HOW to build your brand, it's time to do what works best for you.

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VIP+ | $777

Course Entry | $555

  • Full course

  • Individual Slack Support + 2 extra weeks

  • Brand visuals workbook

  • + 60min 1:1 coaching session & custom action plan ($297 Value alone)

  • Full course

  • Group Slack Support

  • Brand visuals workbook

Investment Breakdown

In this 6 week course we will be blending together coaching, education and the magick of a group mastermind.

Both options will include payment plans up to 6 months!

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Why you need a course as unique as you

There is so much more to business than all the workbooks, calls and presentations here in this course. I also know and understand that we each have our very own unique needs.


I include activities and practices that give our brain a break from all the hard work we’re doing, that way we feel refreshed in-between everything we’re learning.


These can be used outside the course anytime, just a little something extra that helps us be mindful in this process.


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Kailee has literally transformed my entire business, not only did she provide me with complete, full, stunning brand visuals, but the KNOWLEDGE and the CONFIDENCE to create and design for myself. Because of her coaching, teachings, and of course my incredible Brand Style Guide, I get inspired to create content, and I get compliments every week on how gorgeous my website and branding is.


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Are you ready?

I'm excited to hear where you are in your journey and how coming into alignment can transform not only your brand and business, but life.

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